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“Brian combines two very special conditions: a super talented art director, and an excellent human being. This makes him an outstanding professional and a trustworthy person. I highly recommend him.
Agustín Valcarenghi

Director and Co-Owner, 2Veinte

“Brian is one of the most innovative, and original artists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is constantly looking for new ideas and approaches to his craft. He is art, and a true artist. His personality makes being around him and working with him a pleasure. I would recommend Brian for any and all projects.”
Marcy Bulkeley

Music Supervisor, BLT & Associates

“Brian is amazing. He’s always pushing his own boundaries, and, by example, those of us who work with him and know him. I started working with Brian about 10 years ago, and he’s been an inspiration to me not just in the motion graphics field, where his work blows me away, but in the way he’s expanded his horizons to other ventures, such as illustration, designing and creating vinyl toys, building a whole community of paper toy makers, showing his work at galleries, creating an iPhone app… raising a puppy… the list goes on. These projects start as a passion and grow into a business, yet all the while, he continues to stay passionate about it all because he clearly loves what he does. That kind of enthusiasm is contagious.”
Andrew Hoeveler

Creative Director, ritual.tv

“Brian’s design work is always fresh and professional. His commercial commissions respect and amplify product brand while maintaining his own unique aesthetic, which is a rare talent.”
Keith Kurman

President, Creative Director, Delta Twilight, Inc.

Brian is one of the finest director/designer/animators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His commitment to his craft and consequently, the project, is unsurpassed. He consistently delivers beyond expectation, on time, and is simply a ‘whole lotta fun’ to have around.
Thom Blackburn

Creative Director, Wondersmith

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