Passionate artist, innovative educator, and pioneer in creativity – these roles define my eclectic journey over 30 years in the realms of graphic design, motion graphics, character art, and animation. My career, driven by a deep passion for artistic expression and continuous learning, has led me to collaborate with some of LA’s most renowned studios and clients, having worked on prestigious brands like Nike, Marvel, Sony, and Nintendo. These collaborations have resulted in creating award-winning works that are a testament to my dedication to artistry, vision, and innovation.



I am a prolific artist/designer, passionately creating characters, toys, books and more, all of which inspire creativity in kids of ALL ages.

Professionally creating cutting edge film and television graphics for over 20 years, for many of the industries best and brightest studios and agencies. Both as a freelance contractor and through my company Castleforte Group. View my animation reel on the Services page.





Fun Fact:

I am one of the first paper toy artists and one of the first published paper toy artists. I have been called “The Godfather of Paper Toys” by a few fellow paper toy artists. And I have to admit I kinda like that. Come to think of it, I’m one of the first motion graphics artists as well. Now I’m just dating myself. 

As the founder and chief creative officer at CreatableMe.com, I am committed to inspiring and empowering children and their families. Here, we unlock the boundless power of creativity, fostering a world where consciousness, connection, and communication thrive through shared creative experiences. This mission reflects my core belief in the innate creativity within everyone and the transformative potential of nurturing this in our next generation.

My role as a pioneer in the paper toy movement in the US, culminating two bestselling Books, Papertoy Monsters and Papertoy Glowbots, and a vibrant global community, showcases my ability to lead and innovate in niche creative fields. Furthering this spirit of innovation, I have recently delved into the fascinating realm of AI generative tools. These tools have not only expanded my creative horizons but also enabled me to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.

In every venture, from Castleforte.com — a blend of my professional portfolio and personal artistic endeavors, to my ongoing development of the NiceBunny.com animated series concept, a project centered around the theme of kindness, my work echoes a commitment to elevating the world’s creative consciousness. The launch of Colorfool.fun, a line of AI-generated adult coloring books, represents my latest foray into blending creativity with technological innovation. Additionally, CreatableMe.com is where I channel my passion into courses and content designed to inspire and empower both children and adults.

I invite you to explore these ventures and join me in this continuous journey of discovery, creativity, and innovation – a journey where every project is not just a piece of work, but a chapter in a story that redefines the limits of imagination.

On a more personal note


I was born and raised in sunny Southern California, with about six years spent in Pittsburgh where I attended The Art Institute. Currently residing in Long Beach, CA, with my amazing fur-child, a super well behaved, well trained Lab/Akita mix named Soul. Soul is an awesome studio dog and travels with me often. Best dog ever.

So that’s about it for now. Always ready for the next big project, creative endeavor, new experience, whatever. Sign me up. I have a wellspring of love and passion to share with the world. Let’s do this.

Thanks for visiting, Be Well. 🙂


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