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There is still lots more to come. I have big dreams for the Castleforte brand, for you, for the world. Come along with me on this journey of creative expansion. Together we will make this world a little brighter, one toy, one workshop, one “kid” at a time.

Most importantly, enjoy!



Welcome to Castleforte’s
Wonderful World of Papertoys!


Here’s where you will find all of your favorite Castleforte papertoy templates,
including newly refreshed classics, brand spank’n new designs, artists’ series and more.


Coming Soon:


• Download free toys to print at home
• Purchase and download limited edition print at home toys with proceeds going to charity
• Order special signed editions, printed on high quality specialty paper & inks, delivered to your door
• Subscribe to Club Castleforte for exclusive printable & physical papertoys, prints, stickers and more, all year long

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Creative Services

Got design? How about a character mascot for your brand? Need a new logo or just want your current logo animated in 3D? How about custom made papertoy templates of the characters from your new  app or book? Maybe your a studio in need of freelance design & motion graphics support? Need a new web site designed? Perhaps some fun monsters & robot decorations for your kids birthday party?

Maybe you’re not sure what you need you just know you need it to be fantastic.
Whatever your creative needs, Castleforte is here to help.

Specializing in logo design, illustration, character design, paper craft & toy design, 2d & 3d design, motion graphics & Animation for film, television and the web,

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Personal & Collaborative Projects


Check out some of these amazing projects that I’ve designed and/or collaborated: Web sites, social networks, apps, books, apparel, paper craft, music videos & live events. Anything to keep adding positivity into the world, be it entertaining, educational, inspirational, difference making…or just Fun I’m proud to be a source of creative expansion in the world.

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And other cool books featuring works by Castleforte,
and some of my favorite artists in the world.

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