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 Introducing Wack in the Box, the breakout app created by Castleforte. The application features original, wacky character creations that you can play with in more ways than one. You can torment Wack in your iPhone. Save the free exclusive Castleforte papertoy templates to your computer. Print them, build them, play with them, and collect all 8 of them! If that’s not enough, there will be new papertoys added with every update! It’s like having your own personal toy factory!

(Sadly Wack in the Box is no longer available on the App Store, or anywhere else for that matter.
But don’t worry, all of the papertoys from the app are now available right here at castleforte.com)


Wack is the little monster trapped inside your phone.
He’s not very happy, he’d rather be at home.
At first he’ll only snarl, growl and moan and groan.
Then he’ll smash the glass, and let his rage be known!

You keep him in your pocket for when you want to play
So that you can torment him each and every day.
But you’re playing with fire, take heed to what I say
If you anger Wack too much, he’ll surely make you pay!

Wack will give you attitude from the very start.
He will bite your finger, but pull his and he’ll fart.
He’s so fun to mess with, although it’s not so smart
Because if you’re not careful, he’ll tear your phone apart!

If you’d like to see Wack do more than destroy
You can build your very own Wack papertoy.
There are eight characters to bring you loads of joy
Create them and collect them, fun for any girl or boy!

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