Banksy Flower Bomber paper toy

Flower Bomber

A Tribute to Banksy

Banksy is in my humble opinion the greatest street artist ever. His creative, fun and powerful imagery coupled with the controversial and thought provoking messages they convey are legendary. If you aren’t familiar with the profoundly important artist of our time, I urge you to learn about him. You can start by checking out his site.

I created this paper toy as a tribute to him as well as the piece itself. The Flower Bomber sends such a powerful message of love, speaking to the need for taking action to achieve it in this war torn world in which we live. I absolutely love this image and am quite proud of my paper toy tribute of it. Hopefully Banksy will appreciate it if and when he sees it. Planning on creating a few more toys to pay tribute to this epic artist. Perhaps I’ll release a set to download eventually. Stay tuned!

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