PaperGodz Paper Toys

The newest paper toy series by Castleforte

PaperGodz are my newest series. An ongoing collection of the very best examples of the human race and the “Gods” we have created. Everything from Ancient Gods to Mythical Gods, Spiritual Leaders to Pop Culture Icons and even the paper toy creators themselves.

Already have a long list of potential future PaperGodz toys I’m hoping to create. Time will tell how many are actually produced.

The PaperGodz collection are just art pieces at this time and are currently unavailable to purchase or download. If time permits or if there is enough demand perhaps one day they will made available. Until then please enjoy viewing them.

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Castleforte PaperGodz Toy


Self Portrait PaperGodz Toy

The original Paper God. Ha! Ok well, not exactly. I promise you I do not have a God complex. But the first PaperGodz toy was this self portrait which I created as a mascot for the site. I liked it so much I decided to create the PaperGodz series.

Not sure anyone would want a paper toy of me in their collection, but if enough people ask for it perhaps it will be made available some day.

Flower Bomber Banksy Tribute

Banksy Flower Bomber paper toy

Flower Bomber

A Tribute to Banksy

Banksy is in my humble opinion the greatest street artist ever. His creative, fun and powerful imagery coupled with the controversial and thought provoking messages they convey are legendary. If you aren’t familiar with the profoundly important artist of our time, I urge you to learn about him. You can start by checking out his site.

I created this paper toy as a tribute to him as well as the piece itself. The Flower Bomber sends such a powerful message of love, speaking to the need for taking action to achieve it in this war torn world in which we live. I absolutely love this image and am quite proud of my paper toy tribute of it. Hopefully Banksy will appreciate it if and when he sees it. Planning on creating a few more toys to pay tribute to this epic artist. Perhaps I’ll release a set to download eventually. Stay tuned!

PaperGodz Gallery

DJ Qbert PaperGodz Paper Toy

DJ Qbert PaperGodz Paper Toy

DJ Qbert

Mix Master

I made this toy with love as a gift to the one and only DJ Qbert and presented it to him in person at DesignerCon 2015. And if that weren’t cool enough Qbert gifted everyone at the con with a live turntable set which blew the roof off of the place. It was epic.

Qbert is the Disco Mix Club World DJ Championships (DMC) world title holder from 1991-1994. Voted America’s Best DJ 2010 and is in the DMC DJ Hall of Fame. He also launched the Qbert Skratch University, an interactive online learning school and community for DJs.

If you aren’t familiar with Qbert, I recommend checking out his site.

PaperGodz Gallery

Bruce Lee PaperGodz Paper Toy

Bruce Lee

Tribute to the Master

You might remember my original Bruce Lee paper toy which was created for “The Nature of Water – Bruce Lee” exhibit at the amazing Gallery Nucleus back in 2008. I always wanted to take the design further, with more posable arms and fingers and just more natural looking overall. Then the PaperGodz were born. This version is the realization of that dream.

Here are a couple of photos of the original toy done for the show:

Original Bruce Lee Paper Toy 2008

Original Bruce Lee Paper Toy 2008

Original Bruce Lee Paper Toy Show Piece

Original Bruce Lee Show Piece

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